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DOB: 16/10/1997

Hometown: Auckland / Tokyo

Home Mountain: Treble Cone / Rusutsu Resort

How old were you when you started skiing? About 3 years old. After several years of ski racing, one frosty morning at the top of Furano’s ropeway, I ventured into the trees and discovered the contagious nature of powder skiing. I have not looked back since.

Hobbies other than skiing? Football, violin, videography/editing, maths

What do you do in the summer? Dream about winter and count down the number of days until opening day

Plans for this year? Do all that I can to enjoy my freshman year at college in The States

What would you be doing if you didn’t ski? Snowboard

What's your perfect day consist of? Skiing heaps of fresh pow with a GoPro pole mount and watching the footage at the end of the day. Following a full on day on the mountain, a sauna and onsen and some onigiris from the Seven Eleven go down well.

Favorite skiing memory: Skiing pow with Kimura san at Furano Resort or night skiing in LED lightsuits with Conrad

Favorite place to ski? Hokkaido, Japan

Had any injuries skiing? A few straddled gates here and there but nothing major

Favorite skier? Kimura Kiminobu, Chris Benchetler, Mark Abma, Sean Pettit, Nick McNutt